Where the Rivers Join: Archival Hydromancy and other Ghosts

Where the Rivers Join: Archival Hydromancy and other Ghosts, de la Loza collaborated with Argentinian artist Eduardo Molinary to deploy a research-based investigation to to explore questions related to the production of space and landscape as a historic and ongoing process in their respective cities, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles. Through on-going dialogue in the form of cartas caminantes, field investigations, archival research and “encuentros”, the artists gathered different types of visual, archival, sound and textual registers that are woven into this installation/archive. Within their process, the idea of a brujeria archivista/paraarchivismo emerged to describe methods deployed to both unlock and reveal obscured narratives and hidden ghosts embedded in archival material while simultaneously employing methods of ritual and reassemblage to explore how the material detritus of our past and present can serve as a smoking mirror to conjure visions, open portals for other modes of knowing, being and envisioning that can guide future/present actions through the exercise of collective memory and political imagination. Exhibited in: Talking to Action: Art, Pedagogy and Activism of the Americas as part of Pacific Standard Time: Los Angeles/Latin America; curated by Bill Kelley.


Excerpt of Video Letter to Eduardo: a video carta, single channel video, 2017 from Sandra de la Loza on Vimeo.