The Revolution Will…

The Revolution Will… A Residency Project at 18th St. Arts Center by The Pocho Research Society, looked toward a future, yet not so far off Los Angeles, as a point of departure to investigate and reflect on the potential of art and cultural production to be generative forces in radical social transformation. The concept of “revolution” was approached not as an actual point of arrival, but rather as a dynamic shape-shifting process driven by critical aesthetic gestures, actions and organizational efforts.

This project engaged histories, approaches and discourses related to art and social change, through events that gathered contemporary practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. During the residency, the project space functioned as a studio-laboratory, workshop space, and meeting place. A sound and photo-based installation served as a backdrop for participatory public events including dialogues, workshops, film screenings that engaged community in dialogue and visualization exercises that imagined a future, yet not so distant Los Angeles. (2009, partial documentation)

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