Mi Casa Es Su Casa

This body of work explores cultural myths  embedded in the visual iconography  of ””home”, “family” through strategies of deconstruction. Conceptualizing African liberation, Franz Fanon notes that an important part of moving from a subjugated state requires teach(ing) “the Negro not to be the slave of their archetypes.” The process of decolonization requires the deconstruction of oppressive cultural myths in order for a subjugated being to imagine oneself differently. Once dehumanizing and reductive representational modes are dismantled, however, the challenge to construct “contemporary critical and complex counter myths devoid of nostalgia and idealization”[1] surfaces. Ramon Garcia, “New Iconographies: Film Culture in Chicano Cultural Production” in Decolonial Voices: Chicana and Chicano Cultural Studies in the 21st Century, (Bloomington: Indiana Univ. Press, 2002), 67. (2003, partial documentation)

 Installation view, Mi Casa es su Casa, 2003.

Link to “Hermanos”, a video installation

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