Art of Lockpicking, Lockpicking of Art

In the exhibition Citizen/Participant in Cairo Egypt, visitors sat at a lockpicking station that included a small library of manuals, practice locks and lockpicking tools. During a performance at the exhibition opening, the artist engaged the public in a hands-on workshop on lockpicking in exchange for a conversation about the possible uses of such a skill.

The Art of Lockpicking, the Lockpicking of Art  considered the access and use of public and green space by researching and documenting abandoned lots in Los Angeles. A videologue containing excerpts from interviews and site visits reflected on the parallels of lockpicking with my own art practice. Plaques placed at the site of a public intervention, marked the unlocking of one such space. (2010, partial documentation)

Exhibition Documentation

Link to video excerpt: Thru The Codes, It All Unfolds